NetSecSpec Ltd is an UK IT Consultancy Company that undertakes IT projects throughout Europe from the initial planning phases to 'Go Live!' completion and beyond.

We provide the expertise needed to implement solutions that are:

  • Highly Available - Solution designs that focus on minimising the single points of failure in the infrastructure, building in redundancy where possible.
  • Disaster Survivable - The business continuity of our clients is important to us, our solutions factor in surviving many disaster scenarios.
  • Security Orientated - The network topology, systems and services that we design for our clients are designed with security in mind from the start.
  • Scalable - Our solutions are built with scalability in mind, we understand that our clients will grow in size and that our solutions will need to grow in capacity in time. Therefore, we always build scalability into our designs.
  • Open Standards Based - We know our clients don't necessarily want to be tied to proprietary technologies. Therefore, where possible, we choose either open standards based technologies, or, at least, those based on market leaders.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies - We are constantly analysing new and emerging technologies for inclusion into our portfolio of solutions and services.

NetSecSpec Ltd is Incorporated under the England and Wales Companies Act 2006, Registered Company Number 7333603.

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